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cre8tive owner

Hello all! And welcome to my about me section. My name is Ravin and I am the Cre8tive owner of Cre8tive_Treasures, LLC.

Cre8tive_Treasures is home based and came about in February 2017. As a child i was always the creative one. I love art, colors and putting my creative juices to work. It started out as just paper crafting, to making bows and custom tshirts. I knew i wanted to do more high demand work with my business and expand, so i began to venture in new waves of business. In 2019, Cre8tive_Treasures became a treats and party favors business. We create uniqueness for each treat and favor for any special event. Pride, dedication and hard work is what cre8tive_treasures is about. Since the recent change, business has been booming and rising to the top. Thank you to all that has supported my small business and GOD BLESS! 

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